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Hollis Street: Nova Scotia and Rights Commission

hollis street: Their last day of work is expected to be next Thursday, according to The Chronicle Herald. Most of the seven laid-off workers are immigrants and all are of African descent, while the one janitor who was rehired by the new contractor is white, union organizer Darius Mirshahi said during a protest in front of the building on Friday morning. The Service Employees International Union is planning to launch a picket line on Hollis Street outside Founders Square on Monday and is in the process of filing a complaint with the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission after seven of eight employees were given layoff notices last week. The workers are filing a complaint at the Human Rights Commission of Nova Scotia. In the cleaning business, when one company loses a contract, the next one usually picks up all the workers and carries on, Mirshahi said. The basis of that complaint is racial discrimination due to the facts that the only worker who has been rehired is the only non-supervisory white worker, and all non-supervisory black workers have not been offered employment, he said. ( As reported in the news.