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History Month: History and Graduate School

history month: The strongest students that I encountered in graduate school could effectively connect past and present and even, for extra credit, gesture toward the future, according to Rabble. When it comes to Black history in Canada, there's still a lot of work to be done; I'm going to recommend that the Canadian government visit me during my office hours. This meant not only examining past trends, but also -- quite significantly -- highlighting the uniqueness of a given moment and avoid broad sweeping statement. Many Canadians love the food, film, and music of Black History Month, but still adhere to the well-worn myth than Canada has no history of slavery and that this nation is, at its core, benevolent and hospitable. As Robyn Maynard observes in Policing Black Lives, By 1865, textbooks bore little allusion to any Black presence in Canada, erased two centuries of slavery, included no mention of segregated schools an ongoing practice at the time and alluded to this issue of racial discord only in the United States. This myth is the result of a failure to situate current events in their historical context and to critically engage with the past. ( As reported in the news.