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Health Care: Infrastructure Housing and Prioritized Article

health care: Foster care and family reunification were also prioritized, according to Toronto Star. Article Continued Below react-text 171 Finance Minister Bill Morneau receives an ovation while delivering the federal budget in the House of Commons Tuesday. /react-text Sean Kilpatrick / THE CANADIAN PRESS Science and the environment The government committed 3.2 billion over five years for science and research, including upgrading outdated laboratory facilities, harnessing the power of Big Data, and encouraging more female entrepreneurs. Indigenous communities The government dedicated 4.1 billion over five years to Indigenous peoples, with an emphasis on infrastructure housing and water, specifically child welfare, health care and employment training. A new conservation fund was created. Library and Archives Canada Ottawa announced its support for a new joint facility that will house the national library and Ottawa public library. Female refugees The government increased its overseas humanitarian aid budget by 2 billion over five years; 1,000 refugee women and girls from conflict zones will be supported and brought in. ( As reported in the news.