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Fraud: Immigration Fraud

fraud: Wang, owner of New Can Consulting in British Columbia, was found guilty of immigration fraud in 2015 for filing fraudulent immigration applications for hundreds of clients, and was sentenced to seven years in prison, according to Toronto Star. Last year, three of his former staff were also convicted of immigration fraud and were sentenced to 18 months in jail. In a proposed class action application filed with the Federal Court last week, Chao Yuan Lin and Xiang Zhou two of Xun Sunny Wang's former clients said evidence at the man's criminal trial indicated Wang or his staff committed immigration fraud and not their clients. Wang's services included helping clients apply for citizenship and renew what's known as a permanent resident, or PR, card, a document required of non-citizen immigrants to enter Canada by commercial vehicle. Article Continued Below Despite the mountain of evidence of Mr. Wang falsified documents to make his clients appear to have met the residency requirement when they were physically out of the country in order to renew their PR card. ( As reported in the news.