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Family: Syrian Family and Manitoba Town

family: The work is the same, according to CBC. They work on a farm, they make everything at home the same just a bit different. When we met the Hutterites, it's the exact same as in my country, said Alhamud. Alhamud, his wife and three children came to Canada from Syria after being sponsored by a family from the Green Acres Hutterite colony. Brandon churches band together to help settle Syrian family Southwestern Manitoba town aims to welcome three refugee families Waldner describes himself as more open-minded than many in his community, and when he heard about the Syrian refugee crisis, he felt compelled to do something. Now, the Alhamuds are like family to Paul Waldner a teacher in the southwestern Manitoba colony near Wawanesa, about 35 kilometres southeast of Brandon whose family sponsored Alhamud and his family. ( As reported in the news.