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Faith Goldy: Laurier and Centre

faith goldy: Ontario university won't stop talk by anti-immigration speaker Faith Goldy 13 people named to Wilfrid Laurier freedom of expression task force More than 100 people protested outside the centre, yelling shame and no Nazis at Laurier! as the event was about to take place, according to CBC. No nazis at Laurier protestors sing to show dissent against tonight's public talk featuring Faith Goldy at Wilfrid Laurier University peggylam The talk was set to start at 7 15 p.m. More than 175 people lined up at Paul Martin Centre in Waterloo, Ont., to see her speak about keeping Canada's borders closed to immigration. ET. At approximately 7 20 p.m, a fire alarm was pulled and police evacuated the building, preventing anyone from entering the Paul Martin Centre. Organizer 'super disappointed' Shepherd, the co-founder of the campus group Laurier Society for Open Inquiry, said she's super disappointed at the outcome. Event attendees then moved to Veterans' Green park, on the other side of campus, where Lindsay Shepherd, the organizer of the event, announced the talk was cancelled. ( As reported in the news.