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European Nations: World War and Baltic States

european nations: Unfortunately for most Central and Eastern European nations, their histories do not fit into our often simple and binary understanding of the Second World War, i.e. that the Western Allies won and Hitler lost, according to The Chronicle Herald. Theirs is a history of multiple occupations, ethnic cleansing, political terror and flight as refugees, which ended for many of us, thankfully, in Canada. The prejudice with which recent articles smear the members of these communities and nations is intended to undermine the credibility of their sovereignty and membership in NATO. The history of the Baltic States is complicated. My own family arrived in Canada from Estonia as refugees fleeing Soviet cultural and political repression. Estonia's laws guaranteed the cultural autonomy of all ethnic minorities in the country and the right to self-government. Their homeland had been independent since 1918 and was developing into a prosperous and liberal European nation before the Second World War. ( As reported in the news.