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Elite Eb: Einstein Visa and Bruce Morrison

elite eb: In March 2001, she was granted a green card in the elite EB-1 program, which was designed for renowned academic researchers, multinational business executives or those in other fields, such as Olympic athletes and Oscar-winning actors, who demonstrated sustained national and international acclaim, according to Toronto Star. We called it the Einstein visa, said Bruce Morrison, a former Democratic congressman and chairman of the House subcommittee that wrote the Immigration Act of 1990 defining EB-1. Knauss' credentials included runway shows in Europe, a Camel cigarette billboard ad in Times Square and in her biggest job at the time a spot in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, which featured her on the beach in a string bikini, hugging a six-foot inflatable whale. The year that Knauss now first lady Melania Trump got her legal residency, only five people from Slovenia received green cards under the EB-1 program, according to the State Department. Melania Trump's ability to secure her green card not only set her on the path to U.S. citizenship, but put her in the position to sponsor the legal residency of her parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs. Article Continued Below In all, of the more than one million green cards issued in 2001, just 3,376 or a fraction of 1 per cent were issued to immigrants with extraordinary ability, according to government statistics. ( As reported in the news.