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Election Year: B-Level Urgency and Senate Defeats

election year: Talks have gone dormant that sought a bipartisan package A chance for citizenship for young immigrants brought to the country illegally and 25 billion for President Donald Trump to erect his treasured wall with Mexico, according to Metro News. Even a proposal dangling modest wins for both sides a three-year renewal of a program protecting hundreds of thousands of those young immigrants from deportation in exchange for a 7.6 billion down payment for the wall seems a longshot. Lawmakers now seem likely to do little or nothing this election year on an effort that's been eclipsed by Congress' new focus on guns, bloodied by Senate defeats and relegated to B-level urgency by a Supreme Court ruling. The prospects for immigration legislation, big or small, are very, very bleak, concedes Frank Sharry, executive director of America's Voice, an immigrants' rights group. There are tactical rifts between Democrats and the coalition of liberal and immigrants' rights organizations over how aggressively to force the issue, and differences between conservative organizations and some Republicans over the wisdom of even a narrow accord. Distrust between the two parties has intensified, with each suspecting the other of weaponizing the impasse to rouse loyal voters for November's contest for congressional control. ( As reported in the news.