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Education System: Immersion and Anglophone Children

education system: French Immersion has many more flaws than the three Studin glosses over, and our failure to recognize and address these issues weakens our public education system and diminishes the quality of education for all students, according to Toronto Star. Studin asserts that French Immersion is an important part of supporting official bilingualism, but that was never the original intention of the program. He's either mistaken or misguided. When the Mothers of Immersion, Murielle Parks, Olga Melikoff and Valerie Neal established French Immersion in 1965, their goal was to help Anglophone children living in a mostly French speaking province become better at French. That's just as well, because in most situations French Immersion isn't very effective at creating bilingual citizens. They weren't trying to produce students who were bilingual. ( As reported in the news.