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Dog Tori: Dog and Olympic Venues

dog tori: Humane Society International/Canada has been partnering with local organizations in South Korea for years to end one of the most complex animal abuse issues in the country the dog meat trade, according to NOW Magazine. While rooted in history, fewer South Koreans are eating what's known as aegogi due to a growing pet industry and shifting views on which dog breeds are meant for consumption. As Olympic venues shuttered their windows and crowds packed up their souvenirs, a few Canadians remained in Pyeongchang where unfinished work kept them focused. South Korea's president Moon Jae-in adopted his dog Tori from a meat farm, the first president to welcome a rescue dog into the Blue House. On these sites, dogs are crammed into paltry cages, exposed to harsh elements and provided little in the way of food, water or medical oversight. Despite this, roughly 2.5 million dogs are raised annually for slaughter on an estimated 1,700 farms across the country. ( As reported in the news.