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Detroit Suburb: Ibrahim Alhasbani and Qahwah House

detroit suburb: Now, like an increasing number of people from Yemen who have come to the United States, he sees a long-term future outside the country he left and seeks to bring aspects of his native country into America, according to Metro News. Here you build; over there you have memories, said Alhasbani, owner of Qahwah House, a cafe that serves coffee made from beans harvested on his family's farm in Yemen's mountains. Ibrahim Alhasbani is like generations of Middle Eastern immigrants in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn he fled war, came with dreams and worked for others until he could strike out on his own. I live here, so this is the main thing. Yemenis have been coming to the U.S. for more than a century especially since the 1960s but in recent years they have been planting stronger roots, raising their profile and looking outward opening upscale restaurants and cafes and running for political office. This is what's going to help first build my career, build my business ... and help the people over there. ( As reported in the news.