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Deportation Action: Canadian Citizenship and Abdoul Abdi

deportation action: A spokeswoman for the Immigration and Refugee Board said the decision maker, Mary Heyes, reserved her ruling until March 21, according to CTV. Abdi, 24, grew up in foster care in Nova Scotia but was never granted Canadian citizenship. At an immigration hearing in Toronto, a lawyer for Abdoul Abdi argued that the hearing should be put on hold pending the outcome of a judicial review of the case. He was detained by the Canada Border Services Agency after serving five years in prison for multiple offences, including aggravated assault, which made him subject to deportation. Andrew Brouwer, who represented Abdi at the hearing, said he hoped the government would do the right thing and either end the deportation action or allow the judicial review to be decided first. The hearing scheduled for Wednesday -- to confirm the non-citizen was guilty of serious criminality that precludes his staying in Canada -- came after a Federal Court judge rejected a bid to delay the deportation process. ( As reported in the news.