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Daughter Kashaf: Abbas and Wife

daughter kashaf: Documents from the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada say Abbas told his Nov. 22 refugee hearing that he and his wife are from different sects of Islam, according to CBC. Abbas, who was a police officer in Pakistan, said he is Shia and his wife is Sunni. Zahid Abbas says if he and his daughter Kashaf go back to Pakistan, they'll be in danger. The difference wasn't a problem in Islamabad, where they met in 2003, but Abbas's family was outraged when he and his wife moved back to his hometown of Multan in 2009. Abbas testified the beating was so severe it caused his wife to miscarry. 1 in 6 female asylum seekers fleeing gender-based persecution Fewer than 1% of illegal border crossers have serious criminal backgrounds, CBSA official says They killed my baby when she was pregnant, Abbas said in an interview with CBC News. In April 2016, he said members of his family attacked his wife while she was pregnant. ( As reported in the news.