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Dance: Marriage Protests and Arab Youths

dance: It's not just a flamboyant pastime, according to Metro News. For many minority French communities who feel alienated over tensions arising from divisive anti-gay marriage protests and the anti-immigration National Front, it's a statement of defiance. Vogue, the '80s dance movement Madonna popularized in her hit 1990 song of the same name, is experiencing a revival in France. Many gay black and Arab youths especially those from Paris' less affluent and religiously conservative suburbs see Vogue dance events as safe places in which their racial and sexual identities can be fully expressed without fear of reprisals. When they were lining the streets in France with angry anti-gay marriage signs, the others were expressing themselves with dance on the Vogue runway, said dancer Marion Tiger Melody. Not many people realize but voguing, it's political. ( As reported in the news.