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County Government: Tour Guide and Field Trip

county government: But if you want to know what country life is like, I can definitely help, according to Toronto Star. On a gorgeous balmy winter day, the county government along with the Newcomer Centre of Peel, a settlement agency was busing in new immigrants from Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto for a field trip and the region's annual job fair in Owen Sound, more than two hours' drive northwest of Toronto. How much does an average detached home cost What's the wait time for daycare Is there public transit Do you need a car to live in Grey And most important for the 30 passengers, what jobs are available and do they pay well I'm not a tour guide, said Rudolph, the county's outreach co-ordinator. Honestly, I never heard of Grey County, said Huntly Xiao, 32, who came to Canada from China in 2012 as a foreign student and became a permanent resident two years ago, when he graduated with a master's degree in environmental engineering from Concordia University. There are a lot of new graduates, a lot of new immigrants like me here. Article Continued Below I have worked at Tim Hortons for the past two years to survive. ( As reported in the news.