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Conspiracy Theories: Police Investigation and Toronto Star

conspiracy theories: If you believe the Toronto Star, the former Progressive Conservative leader abandoned his political comeback on Monday, February 26, for less altruistic reasons not the least of which is that a police investigation into alleged fraud in a Hamilton nomination battle may soon be hitting close to home in the form of criminal charges against former PC party officials close to Brown, according to NOW Magazine. If you believe his supporters, the media killed Patrick Brown. If you believe Patrick Brown, he did it to protect his family. On that front, conspiracy theories abound, and they're hard to ignore now that one of the accusers who forced his resignation on sexual misconduct allegations in late January has changed her story. An ex-girlfriend of Brown has also come forward to cast doubt on the allegations made by a second accuser, a former staffer of Brown's who says he forced himself on her during a party at his house in 2013. Turns out she was not in high school and too young to drink when she says Brown tried to force her to perform oral sex on him at his home more than 10 years ago. ( As reported in the news.