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Cbc News: Kw Syria

cbc news: Refugee youth group fights isolation, promotes community Waterloo startup Epoch to help newcomers to Canada use their skills Syrian refugee language program brings residents and newcomers together It's hard, team member Refaay Alsalem told CBC News, according to CBC. At first, each player contributed some money, but that still wasn't enough. KW Syria United was able to pay for its first season in 2017 with help from Reception House Waterloo Region and other community donors, but now the team needs to find enough money to pay its league fees and other expenses for 2018. Most of the members of KW Syria United are refugees who have recently arrived in Canada from Syria and other foreign countries. So, we needed more money, he said, hence the fundraiser planned for Sunday at Cameron Heights Secondary School. Alsalem said they don't have a lot of money to spare. ( As reported in the news.