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Canadian: Government and India

canadian: Not by a long shot, according to National Observer. Unexpectedly, Trudeau's India expedition ripped open the wounds caused by the 1985 Air India bombing when it was revealed that Jaspar Atwal, convicted of attempted murder for his role in a 1986 attack on an Indian politician, was photographed with Sophie Gr goire Trudeau at a Canadian government reception in Delhi. ; It was all too much for Canadian media and the public. This thing isn't over yet. Prior to Trudeau's trip, Indian media had unleashed a blizzard of criticism of the Liberal government, essentially accusing it of complicity in Sikh terrorism. For a convicted terrorist to be found at a Canadian government reception in India was unthinkable. On February 12, Outlook India said of the Trudeau visit A new real threat of Khalistani terror, fuelled and funded by foreign gurudwaras patronised by liberal white politicians, has revived memories of a blood-drenched era of Punjab's history. ( As reported in the news.