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World War: Freeway Construction and Bulldozing Homes

world war: Here and pretty well everywhere else it was a strategy that had two major pieces slum clearance and freeway construction, according to Vancouver Courier. It was the time when the car was king and the middle class was moving to the suburbs.article continues below Trending Stories So you want to set up a marijuana dispensary Vancouver police officer going for Olympic goldrelated Final plan for Northeast False Creek goes before council Black community calls for tribute to Hogan's Alley Inevitably in most cities in North America that meant bulldozing homes and businesses populated predominantly by either blacks or Chinese. It was a course pretty well every major city in the western world was taking as they tried to shake off the economic lethargy following the Second World War. In Vancouver it meant both. Chinese Canadians living in Strathcona adjacent to Chinatown formed the largest number of residents to be displaced. None of this plan was put in place with either residents' consent or even their knowledge. ( As reported in the news.