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Winter Olympics: Lot and Shannon-Ogbani Abeda

winter olympics: He was thinking of them during his alpine skiing events in this week at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, according to CBC. It means a lot, especially for my dad. Shannon-Ogbani Abeda, 21, was born in Fort McMurray, Alta., and raised in Calgary by parents who fled their tiny home country of Eritrea as refugees in the 1980s. He sacrificed a lot to make his way to Canada, and in the war of independence, he lost a lot of relatives, Abeda told the Calgary Eyeopener by phone from South Korea on Friday morning. The country gained internationally recognized independence in 1993. When I raised that flag for him, it was a very emotional time for him. '1168780867658', 'playlist Selector' 'container Selector' ' container50706221', 'ciid' 'caffeine14549145' ; The country, which is home to about five million people, spent almost 30 years torn in the Eritrean War for Independence. ( As reported in the news.