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Wellness Program: Home and Syria I

wellness program: She left much of her furniture, books and keepsakes at home, which was doomed to become one of the millions of houses abandoned in Syria, according to Toronto Star. I told everyone that I want to make sure that whoever is going to take over my house at least finds something nice, Adamo, 60, said, adding that doing so helped her deal with the difficulty of leaving home. Her home was becoming increasingly volatile; any moment, she said, the entire city could fall apart. Adamo, now resettled in Toronto, is one of 20 women who took part in a recent travelling wellness program that caters to newly arrived Syrian women struggling with the guilt and trauma of leaving home and settling in a new country. Article Continued Below On the last day of the four-week program in Scarborough, which taught the women about self-care, mental health and yoga, the conversation was light and they brought food for a potluck. Adamo, who taught in Syria for 35 years, walks every day for more than an hour to get to the program and is always there 15 minutes early, she said. ( As reported in the news.