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Twitter-Troll Version: Washington Annotations and Fear Teleprompter

twitter-troll version: The overtly self-pitying, name-calling, mind-wandering, score-settling, Twitter-troll version of the president had, appropriately, been sent to bed early, according to CBC. Last night's form of Trump had a wily deftness. Whoever it was drew out the Donald Trump that Democrats most fear teleprompter disciplined, elevated by the occasion, calm and brimming with crafty populism. For example, he took the story of a 12-year-old boy who started a movement to plant flags at the graves of veterans and turned it into a lesson in civic duty and why we proudly stand for the national anthem. Read Trump's full speech - with our Washington correspondent's annotations Same, too, when he spoke of immigration reform, the most consequential part of his speech. In the guise of that cleverly anodyne language Trump indirectly reminded his fans of the NFL players who took a knee during the anthem to make a point about America's racism and also without actually saying it, that he, their president, had come out hard against one of them, that son of a bitch. ( As reported in the news.