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Trump: Government Shutdown and Deporting Dreamers

trump: He said the administration would not ask Congress to set a later date to give bargainers more time to reach a bipartisan deal, but said the government would not start deporting Dreamers who don't have criminal records, according to Toronto Star. They are not a priority for deportation, he told reporters. Kelly discounted the possibility that Trump would announce a temporary extension of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program beyond March 5, when its protections could expire. Read more Shut it down' Trump threatens government shutdown if Democrats don't agree to his border security terms Article Continued Below Trump to support a path to citizenship for as many as 1.8 million Dreamers Trump has changed his attitude' toward protecting Dreamers, building wall White House official Kelly spoke as lawmakers have deadlocked in an effort to reach an immigration compromise. Republicans have a slim majority and any measure will need around a dozen Democratic votes to succeed. Barring an unlikely last-minute agreement, the Senate is expected to begin debating the issue next week, and it is unclear what if any plan will survive. react-empty 163 We just don't know where 60 votes are for any particular proposal, said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell citing the votes needed for passage. ( As reported in the news.