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Tom Commitment: Pharmacare Program and Ndp Leader

tom commitment: But the NDP leader indicated Tuesday that the costs of the pharmacare program, at least, could be covered if the Liberals close a controversial tax loophole for stock options, which critics say benefits the wealthy, and crack down on tax havens, according to National Observer. The government has shown that it just doesn't get it when it comes to what workers are going through, Singh said. Singh has distanced himself from Tom Mulcair's commitment that an NDP government would stick to a balanced budget, saying as recently as last week that he opposes austerity and supports stimulus funding when required. While they've said a lot of fancy words on addressing inequality, they haven't yet produced the results that people need now. On the surface, Singh's demands look like the foundation of a possible NDP platform for the 2019 election. The NDP had sponsored an opposition motion echoing their leader's demands for action on the so-called stock-option deduction and tax havens in the budget, but the Liberals voted it down. ( As reported in the news.