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Suvsrelated Letter: Quebec Ramps and Housing Crisis

suvsrelated letter: But it's starkly different to how I remember it growing up, according to Vancouver Courier. It used to be lined with Vancouver Specials and now they're all luxury homes. Ya, so she could be a nominee, said Caldera, by telephone from his office in Toronto, where he works for Canadians for Tax Fairness as manager of the Beneficial Ownership Program.article continues below Trending Stories Controversial climate change activists stick it to Vancouver trucks and SUVSrelated Letter Real estate cleans money in Richmond Money laundering alleged at River Rock Casino and Resort Political policies come home to roost in Richmond's housing crisis Foreign sales peak in Richmond as Quebec ramps up investor immigrant program I loved that neighbourhood. It's become less and less lively for sure. Ten years ago those old 1970s homes sometimes called Richmond Specials locally were in reach of families with middle to upper-middle class incomes. It was common to play road hockey but you see less and less of that, said Caldera, who holds a master's degree in international communications. ( As reported in the news.