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Sperm Years: Dna and Testing

sperm years: DNA testing companies, such as 23andme, AncestryDNA and My Heritage DNA promise to reveal information about a client's ethnic heritage, according to CTV. But they can also help them learn about relatives they didn't know they had simply by matching their DNA to the DNA records of all the major genetic testing companies. But now some people who were conceived through sperm donation are using the testing services to track down their biological fathers whether the fathers want to be found or not. But that's causing problems for men who donated sperm years ago. Toronto-based lawyer Sherry Levitan specializes in assisted reproductive technology law and says these donor-conceived children are finding their biological fathers through a little bit of cybersleuthing and Facebook groups such as DNA Detectives. Many are finding that the children they conceived are now adults and tracking them down directly or through their relatives who used these DNA services. ( As reported in the news.