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Service Officer: Specialist and State Department

service officer: His investigations have worked toward indicting suspects who would then be put on trial at a Hague-based court known as the Kosovo Specialist Chambers, according to Metro News. Schwendiman has not yet issued any indictments. Specialist Prosecutor David Schwendiman issued a statement saying he will leave the post at the end of March because his three-year term as a U.S. State Department foreign service officer is coming to an end and cannot be extended. My leaving does not signal a change in policy or commitment to the work of the Specialist Prosecutor's Office and Specialist Chambers on the part of the U.S. or the European Union or the international community as a whole, he said. No one responsible for the crimes covered by the mandate of the Specialist Prosecutor's Office and Specialist Chambers should for one second think that my departure has anything to do with any lack of commitment to the investigation, he said. Schwendiman, who took the prosecutor's job in 2015, said he issued the statement to make clear he was not resigning or being fired from his post as prosecutor of a court that is unpopular among Kosovo's rulers. ( As reported in the news.