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Sanctuary Policies: Limit Co-Operation and Immigrant Community

sanctuary policies: Schaaf, a Democrat seeking re-election this year, has been trying to demonstrate her support for the immigrant community ever since, according to Metro News. The mayor said credible sources told her ICE would be targeting immigrants being sought for living in the country illegally and not those wanted for crimes. Calling it her duty and moral obligation to warn families, Mayor Libby Schaaf's unusual alert this weekend also follows months of criticism of her decision to allow Oakland police to direct traffic during an Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid in August. She said she shared the warning not to cause panic but to protect immigrants in a city and a state with sanctuary policies that limit co-operation with federal immigration agents. Schaaf made the decision after consulting with local community leaders, who agreed she should go public so people could prepare, Berton said. The warning prompted hundreds of phone calls and social media messages, mostly from out of state, accusing the mayor of treason and obstruction of justice and calling for her immediate removal, spokesman Justin Berton said Monday. ( As reported in the news.