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Robert Jenkins: Families and Jordan

robert jenkins: Some 5.5 million Syrians have fled civil war in their homeland since 2011, most settling in neighbouring countries where they struggle to survive, and millions more have been uprooted inside Syria, according to Metro News. The UNICEF study is the latest of six to be conducted among refugee families at six-month intervals and reflects a continued deterioration in the lives of Syrian children, said Robert Jenkins, the agency's Jordan representative. The findings by UNICEF are based on responses from about 1,000 families among Jordan's 660,000 registered refugees. The overwhelming message of this study is that Syrian refugee families are becoming increasingly vulnerable in Jordan, he told The Associated Press. In Jordan, UNICEF has a 145.7 million funding shortfall for child and youth programs in 2018. He called on donor countries to step up at a time of growing need. ( As reported in the news.