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Rd Place: Andrew Scheer and India Trip

rd place: It would tend to reason, would it not, that the NDP made a brilliant selection as leader and now stands to reap the most gain from the Liberal collapse, according to Rabble. Or do you think Andrew Scheer may somehow benefit and steal votes from the NDP Also, the effects of this disastrous India trip will send the Liberals reeling into a distant 3rd place in the polls. Citizens of the great country of India, now Canadians, don't take kindly to a government that associates itself with terrorists. It's hard to overstate the level of anger and just how much PMJT is reviled throughout the land and the near destruction of JT that resulted from the ethics commisoner report. First one term government in over 100 years. The Bahamas put him in his coffin and India closed it. ( As reported in the news.