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Rating: Roof-Raising Song and Rating Ometimes

rating: Striding onstage with her purse slung over her shoulder and a marvelous honky-tonk backing band some with ZZ Top-worthy beards the soft-spoken June greeted the audience with a near inaudible Happy to see you again, according to NOW Magazine. Bathed in magenta lights, the Tennessee singer/songwriter immediately dove in. Rating NNNNSometimes it's worth braving snow and ice to be part of something special, and that was the case at Valerie June's Queen Elizabeth Theatre concert on Sunday. For much of the night, she remained a woman of few words, letting her powerful pipes and gorgeous songs do the heavy lifting. Her whimsical, uninhibited delivery let her register morph between childlike innocence and world-weary wisdom, one roof-raising song after another. While known for her deeply distinctive voice and songs that draw from country, blues, gospel and Appalachian folk, she has a disarmingly wailing drawl and Tennessee twang in a live setting. ( As reported in the news.