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Press Credentials: American Citizen and War Powers

press credentials: Yet it raises more questions about why he was in Syria, according to Toronto Star. He has told U.S. authorities that he was kidnapped and imprisoned by Daesh and had press credentials to do freelance writing about the conflict. The government's justification for holding the detainee without charge, contained in more than 150 pages filed late Wednesday, is loaded with details about the still-unidentified man, who is married and has a 3-year-old daughter. The case has sparked debate about the government's legal right to hold enemy combatants linked with Daesh under congressionally approved war powers written after the Sept. 11 attacks as well as the constitutional rights afforded every American citizen. The FBI interviewed someone who met the detainee in New Orleans in July 2005 when he was a college student. The government's court filing provides a detailed itinerary of the detainee's travels across the world, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Turkey and Syria and the United States where he went to college in Louisiana. ( As reported in the news.