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Phd Candidate: Health and Research I

phd candidate: In Canada, around one in five people were born outside of the country, according to Metro News. How do these experiences of immigration, and of anti-migrant sentiment, impact upon mental health This question motivates my research as a PhD candidate in the School of Nursing at the University of British Columbia, where my work has focused on mental health from the perspectives of immigrant and refugee young men in Greater Vancouver. And, according to the World Health Organization, the scale of anti-migrant sentiment is equally unprecedented. During my research I interviewed 33 young men aged from 15 to 22 years - from various countries and with different immigration backgrounds - about their everyday experiences in relation to their mental health. Three main narratives emerged, those of Searching for a better life, the pressure of living the immigrant dream and starting again, from way below. My PhD committee and I analysed interview data for narratives that described the experiences of the participants. ( As reported in the news.