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Pedestrians: Mcmurray and Fort

pedestrians: Criminal charges stayed after two Fort McMurray pedestrians killed Fort McMurray mourns pedestrians killed in collision2 pedestrians killed in Fort McMurray crash No reason was given for the downgraded charge, but a statement from Alberta Justice said new evidence surfaced that made a conviction less likely, according to CBC. Here's the reply from AlbertaJSG about why it stayed criminal charges against a man charged with dangerous driving causing the deaths of Hadi 'Dani' Eljamal & Sana Elache in Fort McMurray ymm We also updated our web story. The 48-year-old male driver no longer faces two charges of dangerous driving causing death, and will plead not guilty to one charge of careless driving under the Traffic Safety Act, according to the Crown. CBCDavid The lives of Sana Elache, 52, and Hadi 'Dani' Eljamal, 56, were cut short on Sept. 6, 2017, when an SUV hit them on Real Martin Drive in the Wood Buffalo Estates neighbourhood. Anas said Elache was one of Fort McMurray's great champions, leading the region's multicultural association and starting a leadership program that empowered many in the community into key roles, including municipal councillors. Wife and brother killed Elache was the wife of Anas Eljamal and Dani was his brother. ( As reported in the news.