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Nian Gao: Year Revellers and Year Festivities

nian gao: This is probably due to the Chinese being the first Asian ethnic group to settle in Canada back in the late 1800s. as labours to build the Canadian Pacific Railway, according to Toronto Star. As one of the largest ethnic groups in the GTA, they make up about 11 per cent of the population or 700,000 people. In Toronto, the celebration has often been referred to interchangeably as Chinese New Year. While Chinese New Year revellers celebrate by eating noodles, steamed fish and glutinous rice cakes called nian gao, other Asian communities that follow the lunisolar calendar are also kicking off New Year festivities with their own feasts this weekend. Read more Article Continued Below Braised veal a romantic Valentine's Day entr eTake a shawarma crawl through Scarborough Flock's salad is packed with veggies, but is it a good option for weight loss react-text 169 Han Trinh, seated left, and husband Ngoc Tuy Nguyen, with the feast. From Tibetan rice beer to Vietnamese head cheese to South Korean rice cake soup, here's a taste of the dishes three families in the GTA are cooking up for Lunar New Year. ( As reported in the news.