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Musa Ecweru: Refugees and African Nation

musa ecweru: The East African nation has struggled to support more than 1 million South Sudanese refugees, many of whom poured in over the past year and a half.A criminal investigation is underway after the United Nations resident co-ordinator raised concerns last month, a minister in charge of refugees, Musa Ecweru, said in a statement, according to Metro News. The allegations of gross mismanagement, fraud and corruption include theft of relief items for refugees, he said. The allegations threaten Uganda's global reputation as a progressive host to refugees fleeing violence in neighbouring countries. It was not clear what amount of aid allegedly was diverted. The European Union, a main benefactor, called the allegations troubling and urged urgent and thorough investigations as well as for changes to the registration system for refugees. It is important that these investigations are conducted in an independent manner, Ecweru said.A U.N.-backed fundraising summit in Uganda in June brought in over 350 million for the refugee crisis. ( As reported in the news.