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Multimedia Production: Chinese and David Yee

multimedia production: Vancouver Chinese school turns Chinatown into classroom The show's writer, David Yee, grew up in Toronto and said Chinese malls are present in every metropolis to offer a familiar taste of home for Chinese immigrants from the general atmosphere to shops that sell Chinese goodies, according to CBC. The show is meant to put you into the perspective of a foreigner, of 'the other,' of the person that's outside of something, which is where these places exist, Yee told On The Coast producer Caroline Chan. No Foreigners, a multimedia production at The Cultch, is a study of the cultural phenomenon that is the Chinese mall in Canada. About half of the multimedia production is presented in Cantonese with English subtitles and places the audience in different vignettes inspired by these cultural hubs using live projection, monitors and two performers. Caroline Chan/CBC Yee said these malls offer the Chinese community a space where they can be the majority, which is a factor in the debate over Cantonese signage in Richmond, B.C. The city discussed bylaws to enforce English-only signs, but decided not to pursue the divisive issue. The writer of No Foreigners, David Yee, stands in front of the popular Chinese supermarket, T&T, in Vancouver's Chinatown. ( As reported in the news.