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Month Trump: Spending Bill

month trump: The bill does not contain changes to U.S. immigration law, which was a key point of contention in a partisan standoff that led to a three-day partial shutdown last month, according to CBC. Trump knocks down bipartisan 'Dreamers' proposal, calling it a 'total waste of time' Democrats 'un-American' for not applauding speech, Trump says The Senate was expected to vote on the new spending bill on Wednesday, though the upper house is expected to make changes and return the bill to the House for final passage. By a mostly partisan vote of 245-182, the Republican-controlled House sent to the Senate a temporary spending bill the fifth of the federal fiscal year that began in October to extend most federal agency funding until March 23. Senate Democrats are expected to balk at a House provision that would raise Pentagon funding through Sept. 30, the end of the current fiscal year, without also raising non-defence spending. Last month's shutdown came after lawmakers failed to reach agreement on contentious budget and immigration issues. Republicans and Democrats said they were making progress, however, on a budget deal that would set new, higher spending limits for defence and non-defence programs. ( As reported in the news.