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Italian Woman: Anti-Migrant Crime and Nigerian Man

italian woman: The shooter is being charged with attempted murder with the aggravating circumstance of racial hatred, according to Metro News. While this particular act is being described as a retaliation for the murder of an Italian woman, for which the main suspect is a Nigerian man, there has been a marked increase in anti-migrant crime since 2014. Over a two-hour period, the man shot from his car at Black migrants from Nigeria, Ghana, the Gambia and Mali according to RAI state television. Neofascist groups are, according to Infoantifa, responsible for 142 attacks since 2014. A Guardian analysis notes that in 2001 the group had 1,500 members; today they have over 13,000. One group, Forza Nuova, has grown massively. ( As reported in the news.