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Inadmissibility Provisions: People and Immigration

inadmissibility provisions: Advocates and opposition politicians say it discriminates against people with disabilities; in December, the House of Commons immigration committee recommended the entire provision be scrapped, according to Metro News. The Liberals have agreed the program is problematic, a message Hussen repeated Thursday in his testimony before the House of Commons immigration committee. The Liberals have been under pressure for months to overhaul the medical inadmissibility provisions of Canada's immigration law, which allows the government to deny people permanent residency if, for example, their condition would create excessive demand on the health care system. The policy is out of step with Canadian values on accommodating people with disabilities. The response will come by April 12, Hussen said the deadline for the government to respond to the committee report. Hussen said the government has been consulting with provinces, and wanted to review the committee's own report before deciding how to move forward. ( As reported in the news.