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Hurricane Relief: Spending Caps and Shutdown Deadline

hurricane relief: At risk are up to 80 billion in increases for the Pentagon this year alone, and nearly as much money for domestic programs, according to Metro News. Almost 100 billion worth of overdue assistance for hurricane-slammed Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida is being held up. The deadlock is deflating hopes that lawmakers will reach a breakthrough before another shutdown deadline next week. The knot involves about 1.2 billion in agency operating budgets for the fiscal year that began in October, along with hurricane relief, President Donald Trump's 18 billion-plus border wall, and other odds and ends. It takes both Republicans and Democrats to lift the limits, called spending caps in Capitol-speak. The measure has been hung up for months as lawmakers in both parties struggle first with a deal to increase tight limits on spending that are left over from a failed 2011 budget agreement. ( As reported in the news.