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Hope Things: Romney and Chain Migration

hope things: Romney took issue, though, with language that's come out of Washington generally that can make minorities and immigrants feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.GUN CONTROLSpeaking days after 17 people died at a Florida high school shooting, Romney insisted it was an appropriate time to talk about what can be done to protect students, according to Metro News. I don't think we can just wait and hope things like this are going to stop of their own accord, he said. Some highlights of the phone interview with Romney IMMIGRATIONRomney said he agrees with President Donald Trump on the need for border security, including penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants and stopping chain migration, a term critics use to describe family-based immigration. Still, he said he wouldn't support any federal gun proposals he knows about because none would prevent school shootings, with the possible exception of an enhanced background-check proposal by Sen. While he said most gun control should come from states, Romney said he would support regulations on bump stocks, a rapid-fire device used in the Las Vegas mass shooting.RUSSIARomney was asked about Trump's claims Friday that he was vindicated by the U.S. special counsel filing charges against 13 Russians of disrupting the 2016 election. Orrin Hatch. ( As reported in the news.