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Government Officials: Refugee Camps and Ap Report

government officials: Satellite images and video of destroyed homes also showed that the village had been wiped out, according to CTV. The Myanmar government's information committee said in a statement Friday that 17 government officials including Border Guard Police went to Gu Dar Pyin to investigate the AP report and were told by villagers and community leaders that no such things happened. The AP reported on Thursday that the mass graves in the village of Gu Dar Pyin were confirmed through multiple interviews with more than two dozen survivors who had fled to refugee camps in neighbouring Bangladesh, and through time-stamped cellphone videos. According to the government statement, a group of Rohingya terrorists skirmished with security forces in the village during clearance operations by the military. It said 19 terrorists died and their bodies were carefully buried by the security forces. It said about 500 villagers who supported the terrorists attacked the security forces with weapons such as knives, sticks and wooden spears, and the security forces were forced to shoot in self-defence. ( As reported in the news.