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Gaza Blockade: Palestinian Right

gaza blockade: If passed, the policy would lead the NDP to become the largest Canadian political party advocating for the use of diplomatic and non-violent pressure to end Israel's military occupation of Palestinian lands, according to Rabble. It would position the NDP as one of the few parties demanding a fair treatment of Palestinian refugees' right of return, an end to the Gaza blockade, and the labeling and banning of illegal settlement products. Among those being debated is a resolution put forward by Palestinian solidarity activists and their allies concerned with peace and justice for Palestinians. In adopting this resolution, the NDP would be in step with the Canadian labour movement, following the examples of unions like Unifor, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and the Quebec union federation CSN Conf d ration des syndicats nationaux together representing hundreds of thousands of workers across the country. Passage of the resolution would represent an important shift within the NDP, one that departs from former NDP leader Thomas Mulcair's steadfast support of Israel and stifling of candidates in support of Palestinian justice. The NDP, as the party of labour justice here and abroad, must follow suit and respond to the call of Palestinian workers and aim to implement policies that seek to end the occupation that systematically violates workers' rights in the region. ( As reported in the news.