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Face-Covering Veil: Muslim Women

face-covering veil: If you think I am exaggerating, you need only go back four months in time and read about Bill 62, introduced and passed in Quebec's National Assembly, which prohibits women from receiving public services while wearing a niqab, according to Rabble. And if you still have doubts, you can read about the burkini ban in France during the summer of 2016 when Muslim women wearing burkinis swim attire consisting of leggings and a dress with a hoodie were banned from beaches. For Muslim women who wear the hijab headscarf or the niqab a face-covering veil these opinions may be even more unsolicited and can become subjects of books, movies, laws, heated family discussions, slurs on the street and even federal election campaigns like the one we had in Canada in 2015. These political decisions, whether made in Quebec, Canada, France or elsewhere, are justified by two main arguments. As far as the myth of secularism and how it brought more rights to women in Western societies, I leave it to Joan Wallach Scott, who wrote extensively about the topic and who demolishes the secularism argument in her recent book, Sex and Secularism. They are either seen through the holy lens of secularism or through the noble objective of women's liberation and feminism. ( As reported in the news.