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Espionage Saga: Supreme Court and Vavilov

espionage saga: The Supreme Court will announce in coming weeks whether it's going to hear the case, though no date has been set for the decision, according to National Observer. The government is appealing a ruling that returned Canadian citizenship to Vavilov after it was revoked by Ottawa. They're asking the Supreme Court of Canada to dismiss the government's application for a hearing of the legal issues at the heart of the strange espionage saga that has left Alexander Vavilov, 23, in limbo. ; Accepting the federal position would result in uncertainty about an individual's fundamental right to citizenship, Vavilov's counsel say in a brief filed with the high court. Vavilov, 23, was born in 1994 as Alexander Philip Anthony Foley to Donald Heathfield and Tracey Ann Foley. The FBI turned up at the family's Boston-area home eight years ago. The following year the family including an older boy, Timothy left Canada for France, where they spent four years before moving to the United States. ( As reported in the news.