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Deportation: Deportation Hearing and Refugee Board

deportation: According to Perryman, Abdi asked Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to pause his deportation hearing with the Immigration and Refugee Board while he seeks a constitutional challenge in Federal Court of the minister's decision to deport him, according to The Chronicle Herald. Perryman said the minister refused this request and instead asked the Immigration and Refugee Board to proceed with a deportation hearing. Abdi's lawyer, Benjamin Perryman, issued a statement Sunday confirming the court will hear an emergency request to temporarily stop halt his deportation Thursday in Halifax. Abdi came to Nova Scotia as a child refugee from Somalia with his sister and two aunts when he was six, but he was soon taken from his family and spent most of his childhood in foster care. His advocates say that's something that, as a ward of the state, should have been done by the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services. During that time, Abdi had permanent resident status but no one applied for citizenship on his behalf. ( As reported in the news.