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Dennis Montoya: Roger Rocha and Group Support

dennis montoya: But members say a deep split that emerged last month between some of the group's 132,000 members and its president, Roger Rocha, reflects how the organization known as LULAC has transformed to include immigrant rights as a central feature of its agenda, according to The Chronicle Herald. It took a while but LULAC finally got with the times, said Dennis Montoya, the state director of LULAC New Mexico. Until about 10 years ago, the League of United Latin American Citizens was known for its efforts to Americanize Hispanic residents following decades of group support for restrictive U.S. immigration policy. Immigrants are an important part of our community. Rocha later rescinded the letter and called writing it the worst mistake of my life but said he will not resign. Rocha has been under intense pressure to resign after he wrote a letter on Jan. 28 supporting Trump's border security proposal including the U.S.-Mexico border wall and a reduction in visas for foreign relatives of U.S. citizens in exchange for greater protections for children in the U.S. who were brought to the country illegally by their parents and parents who overstayed visas. ( As reported in the news.