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Community Centre: Azraq Camp and Tariff Barriers

community centre: Any work is OK for me, said Sumaya Mohammed Jidaa, a 39-year-old widow and mother of six inquiring about a sewing job, according to Metro News. Just give us money to take care of our children. Dozens of refugees crowded around long tables in a community centre in the Azraq camp to register with potential employers for jobs in factories and on farms. Under the so-called Jordan Compact, a deal struck with donor countries in 2016, the kingdom promised to provide 200,000 work permits for Syrians over three years, in exchange for several billion dollars in development assistance and reduced tariff barriers on Jordanian exports to Europe. About 90,000 Syrians have obtained work permits so far, and only two factories are exporting goods to Europe under the new rules, officials said. Implementation has been slow because of Jordan's economic downturn, high unemployment and the slow pace of regulatory change. ( As reported in the news.